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Prolong Your Asphalts Life with Sealcoating Services.

As asphalt is exposed to sun, rain, and chemicals over the years, it begins to break down and deteriorate. If your home or business's asphalt is beginning to fall apart, or if you have recently gotten new asphalt, protect it and prolong its life with sealcoating from Bryer Paving.
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Reliable Scheduled Sealcoating

Setting up a scheduled sealcoating plan can help keep your parking lot or driveway in great shape for longer. Regular applications will extend the life of your asphalt by 6 to 10 times and save you thousands in repaving costs.

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Benefit from Sealcoating

  • Protection from water
  • Protection from oils
  • Protection from sun
  • Double the life of asphalt
  • Extend asphalt life by 6 to 10 times with regular applications
  • Save money on repaving


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Residential Paving

Our residential paving and blacktop professionals are experienced in refinishing your driveway. Make your driveway beautiful, durable and stand the test of time with our quality asphalt paving service.

Commercial Paving

Our commercial paving professionals are fast and reliable so you can count on us to get in and get the job done as quickly as possible, without disrupting your business or customers. We specialize in commercial driveway paving, blacktop, parking lot paving, parking lines and more. Our experts can even help you plan the best traffic flow for your customer parking lot.

Asphalt Repair

As durable as asphalt paving is, many times your asphalt will need some repairs or maintenance over the years. Our professionals do blacktop asphalt sealcoating, hot asphalt fills, crack repair and line striping to keep your property in tip top shape. 

Asphalt Sealcoating

Asphalt needs a bit of yearly maintenance to keep up with its durability. To keep your blacktop or asphalt looking like new and extend the life of your driveway or lot, we recommend sealcoating your property regularly. A coat of blacktop sealer once a year does the trick. Our professionals will come in and apply the sealing quickly.
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Line Striping

Parking lot lines or street lines can fade over time. Hard-to-see lines are not only unprofessional, but they can be dangerous to drivers and pedestrians on your property. Our asphalt line striping professionals can repaint your lines, keeping them fresh and visible.


Our experienced yard planners know exactly how to excavate and grade the land in the work area prior to laying asphalt. Contact us today for an estimate.


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