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Reliable scheduled sealcoating

Setting up a scheduled sealcoating plan can help keep your parking lot or driveway in great shape for longer. Regular applications will extend the life of your asphalt by 6 to 10 times and save you thousands in repaving costs.


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Prolong your asphalt's life with sealcoating services

As asphalt is exposed to sun, rain, and chemicals over the years, it begins to break down and deteriorate. If your home or business's asphalt is beginning to fall apart, or if you have recently gotten new asphalt, protect it and prolong its life with sealcoating from Bryer Paving.

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Benefit from sealcoating


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 •  Protection from water

 •  Protection from oils

 •  Protection from sun

 •  Double the life of asphalt

 •  Extend asphalt life by 6 to 10 times with regular applications

 •  Save money on repaving